American Jobs for International Applicants in 2022 – US Job Openings

American Jobs for International Applicants in 2022 – US Job Openings

American Jobs for International Applicants in 2022 – US Job Openings


Applications are invited for jobs in America. Thousands of American jobs are seeking applications from fresh graduates, skilled workers, and experienced professionals. Jobs in the USA are considered one of the highest-paid career options.

America is one of the biggest countries. It covers large parts of North America. Its major cities are New York and Washington DC. New York is the city of global finance and the cultural center of America. Chicago is famous for its architecture and Los Angeles is famous for Hollywood filmmaking.

The United States is offering employment opportunities to international applicants also. Getting a job is a tough task in the US, but getting hired as an international applicant is even harder. Still, if you have the expertise, education, and work experience in your core skill, you can get a permanent job and stay in the USA after getting the job.

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American Work VISA Requirements and Process

There are two ways by which International applicants can go to the USA for employment purposes.

  1. As a sponsored or Permanent Employee
  2. As a Temporary Employee

The sponsored or Permanent Employee requires an immigrant Visa while a team employee requires a non-immigrant visa. First of all, there are three documents are required before applying for a USA work visa.

  1. Have a job offer in the USA
  2. Approved petition by the immigration services
  3. Labour Certificate approval

These requirements are also needed with the above documents

  • Valid Passport
  • USA VISA photo
  • The Receipt Number
  • Confirmation page of immigration/Non-immigration application

After completing the above requirements, international applicants can apply for a USA work visa. Now complete the online visa application and print the confirmation page and send it to USA Embassy. After processing the application, USA Embassy will take an interview. Your answers should be correct according to the given documents. If you pass the interview then you have to give digital fingerprints. After getting a USA work visa, you have to submit a visa insurance fee based on your country.

How to Settle in the USA?

If you are planning to work in America then you can open your case for settlement (for Green Card) after getting a job there. After that you need to live in US for a few years and then you have to follow these steps to apply for US Permanent Residency:

  • Make a file for the immigrant petition
  • USCIS will approve the immigrant petition
  • Now you can submit an application for Green Card
  • Give fingerprints, signatures, and photos
  • Give an interview
  • Now you receive a final decision about the settlement application

Highly Paying American Jobs in 2022

The United States of America is offering job opportunities to international applicants in almost every walk of life. Medical is the high-paying sector in the USA. Other best-paying jobs in the USA include engineering, management, finance, law, IT jobs, drivers, and the media industry.

1# American Engineering jobs

Engineering is one of the most popular and demanding fields worldwide with good salary packages. These US Engineering jobs are also available for international applicants. Many engineering companies are operating in the USA.

Some required designations in the American Engineering fields are following:

  • Engineering Chief Manager
  • Trainee Engineer
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineer

The average salary for engineers in the USA is $80,170 per year. Mentioned below are the most sought-after engineering jobs in the USA for international applicants.

An Engineering Manager earns an average salary of $125,289 per year in the United State of America. Hardware engineers earn an average annual salary of $105,958 in the USA. Aeronautical engineers earn an average salary of $101,857 per year.

International applicants can apply online for engineering jobs online. All the jobs in the Engineering sector are available for international applicants as well. The most famous US engineering companies hiring international applicants are:

  1. WSP Jobs
  2. Tesla Jobs
  3. Flour Corporation Jobs
  4. Arup
  5. Jensen Hughes Jobs
  6. Descon Jobs

2# American Healthcare sector Jobs

Employment in the US health care sector is projected to grow by 16 percent from 2022 to 2030. There is a potential of 2.6 million new jobs in America’s healthcare sector. Approximately 784,626 healthcare companies are operating in the United States.

These companies are hiring international applicants for various positions. Some popular US healthcare positions are mentioned below:

  • Doctor Jobs
  • Registered Nurse Jobs
  • Speech-Language Pathologists Jobs
  • Physician Assistant Jobs
  • Nurse Practitioner Jobs
  • Surgeon Jobs
  • Anesthesiologists Jobs

The salary for every specialist and worker is different according to their working time and position. A doctor in the USA earns an average annual salary of $208,000.

A registered nurse earns about $75,330 per year. Physician assistants earn about $115,390 per year. Nurse practitioners earn an average annual salary of $111,680. After passing USMLE, international applicants can apply online through for Healthcare sector jobs.

Some of the largest USA healthcare companies hiring international applicants are:

  1. CVS Health Corporation (CVS)
  2. United Healthcare Group Inc. (UNH)
  3. McKesson Corp. (MCK)
  4. AmerisourceBergen Corp. (ABC)
  5. Cigna Corporation (CI)

3# American Construction jobs

The need for construction workers is increasing worldwide. The USA is also hiring foreign workers in its construction companies as full-time workers or independent contractors.

Some job designations in American Construction Companies are following

  • Construction Administrator
  • Construction Estimator
  • Technical Support Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Supervisor

American construction companies pay their employers well. Some of the jobs with salaries are mentioned below.

A construction administrator earns an average salary of $84,200 to $107,000 annually. A construction estimator earns an average salary of $61,200 to $77,400 annually. A technical support analyst earns a salary of $55,000 to $70,000 annually in the US. International applicants can apply online for construction jobs at

Here are the famous construction companies in America that are currently hiring:

  1. Bechtel, Reston, VA.
  2. Flour Corp., Irving, Tex
  3. Turner Corporation, New York, NY
  4. AECOM, Los Angeles, Calif.

4# American Banking Jobs

Approximately 4,951 banks are operating in the United States. There are many entry-level and experienced jobs available in USA banks for foreigners. But if you want to work in American banks then English language skills are required.

There are many jobs available in American banks with handsome salaries.

  • Corporate Development Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Executive Assistant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Development Analyst

The salary range is different for every position in American Banks.

A corporate development analyst is being paid $110,000 to $125,000 per year. Data analyst salary in US banks is $75,000 to $90,000 per year. Executive assistants are being paid $100,000 to $110,000 per year.

All the jobs in the Banking sectors of America are listed on the website Foreigners can apply for jobs on this website.

The following are the most popular banks in the United State of America offering jobs to international applicants.

  1. JP Morgan Chase
  2. Bank of America
  3. Wells Fargo & Company
  4. Citigroup
  5. American Bank Corp.

5# American Government Jobs

American government policies are strict for foreigners as well as for its national citizens. Only residential applicants can get a government job in America. But sometimes if there are no qualified citizens available then agencies can hire international applicants with the permission of personal management.

Every American government sector offers many jobs for international applicants. Some job vacancies are given below.

  • Veterinary Medical officer
  • Border petrol Agent GL-9
  • Army Reserve Administrator
  • Account Executive
  • Specialist Doctors

American Government gives handsome salaries to its workers. Some government employees’ salary packages follow.

The average salary of a Veterinary Medical Officer is $134,047 per year. An Account Executive takes $96,523 per year in the USA. A Security Guard earns $15,41 per hour in America.

Some major US government sectors that offer Jobs for international applicants are listed below:

  1. US Education sector Jobs
  2. US Healthcare sector Jobs
  3. US Army sector
  4. Department of Homeland security
  5. Customs and border protection

6# American Aviation Jobs

American Aviation Centre generates valuable revenue that supports the USA economy. It requires many workers to manage various departments in America’s aviation lines.

Many workers are needed in the USA aviation sector. The USA government offers many jobs for international applicants at the USA Aviation Centre.

Some of the required posts in the aviation sector are listed below.

  • Customer Service Coordinator
  • The pilot
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician
  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Floor Captain

The American aviation sector pays workers well. The average salary for workers at American aviation lines is $96,500 a year. Following are some salaries of various workers at the American Aviation Centre.

The estimated salary of a pilot in the US is $93,300 per year. A customer service coordinator earns around $46,107 per year in the USA. The average salary for a naval aviator in USA aviation lines is $69,699 per year.

All International applicants can apply online for American Aviation jobs by sending a CV to US Aviation companies in time. Many US airlines and aviation departments are operating in the United State of America recruiting staff are listed below:

  1. American Airlines Jobs
  2. Delta Airlines Jobs
  3. Alaska Airlines Jobs
  4. Jet blue Jobs
  5. Envoy Jobs

7# American IT Jobs

IT is one of the biggest sectors in the US to find jobs. There are thousands of ongoing highly-paid job positions available in the IT sector of America recruiting staff in their sub-departments. Information technology companies provide products in four categories in the United State of America.

  • System Services
  • Programming Services
  • open source
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Many IT companies are operating in the USA that offers jobs to international applicants as well. Following are some of the major IT companies in the US that have open positions at this moment:

  • Adobe Systems Inc. (ADBE) Jobs
  • Google Jobs
  • Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) Jobs
  • Oracle Corp. (ORCL) Jobs
  • Fiserv (FISV) Jobs
  • HPQ Jobs
  • Mastercard Jobs

USA IT companies offer many jobs for international applicants and some of the most common designations offered by the US IT sector are as follows:

  • GIS application developer
  • Service Engineer
  • Forklift Operator
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Office Coordinator

The average salary for a worker is $42,614 a year. Different positions have different salary ranges. Some of the salaries of various IT workers are listed below.

A GIS application developer earns around $97,253 per year in USA IT companies. A service engineer’s salary is approximately $58,738 per year. The estimated salary for an office coordinator in USA IT companies is $19.32 per hour. All international applicants can apply for American IT jobs to settle in the US.

8# American Machine Driver Jobs

The American government and private sector offer many jobs in the driving field for international applicants as well. These companies demand drivers for Cranes, buses, and heavy machines.

Crane Driver jobs: There are many Cranes jobs in America such as

  • Crane Operator
  • Hydro Crane Operator
  • Crane Maintenance Mechanic
  • AB Crane Operator
  • Overhead Crane Operator

The minimum salary of a Crane Operator is $34,170 and the maximum salary is $95,820 per year in America.

Bus Driver jobs: American Transport companies offer distinct jobs for bus drivers.

  • School Bus Driver
  • Courtesy bus Driver
  • Transit Bus Driver
  • Mini Bus dri8
  • Shuttle Bus Driver

The minimum salary of bus drivers is $15,500 and the maximum salary is approximately $46,800 per year.

Heavy Machine Driver jobs: American Transport companies offer many jobs Heavy Machine Driver Jobs for international applicants. The salary of a Machine Driver starts from $30,225 to $37,872 per year in America.

  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Package Operator
  • Digging Equipment Operator
  • Quarry Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Asphalt plant loader Operator

The top-rated transport companies in America are the following:

  • UPS Inc. Jobs
  • FedEx Corp. Jobs
  • XPO Logistics Jobs
  • B Hunt Transport Service Jobs
  • Landstar System Jobs

9# American Insurance company jobs

An insurance company provides a graduate with compensation for specified loss, illness, damage, or death in return for payment of a specified premium for people. There are many designations required for foreigners un American Insurance companies.

Some designations are listed below

  • Senior Software developer
  • Licensed Insurance Sales Agent
  • Worker’s Comp Claims Examiner
  • Clearance Representative I
  • Lead P&C Pricing Actuary

The estimated salary of foreign workers working in American Insurance companies is $69,882 per year. Some designations with their salaries are listed below

Associate Underwriter tales $70,597 per year. A programmer takes $83,917 per year. Senior Software developer earns around $127,091 per year.

The best Insurance companies in America hiring staff at this moment include:

  • State Farm Jobs
  • Allstate Jobs
  • Nationwide Jobs
  • American International Group Jobs

10# American Law jobs

American government demands many lawyers in district law firms. Almost 350 largest firms are working in America. American law firms provide numerous opportunities for international applicants to work in law firms. Some law jobs in America are listed below

  • Senior Attorney Jobs
  • Bankruptcy Paralegal Jobs
  • Veteran’s Disability Attorney Advocate Jobs
  • Bankruptcy Associate Attorney Jobs
  • Judge Jobs

The average salary of a lawyer in America is started from $94,600 to $271,000. The salary of some designations in law firms are following

The average salary of a senior Attorney in America is almost $102,712 per year. The estimated salary of Bankruptcy Paralegals is started from $10,269 to $249,309 per year. A solicitor takes approximately $79,561 per year in America.

Some top US law firms recruiting now include:

  1. Baker Mckenzie LLP Jobs
  2. DLA Piper LLP Jobs
  3. Norton Rose Fulbright LLP Jobs
  4. Hogan Lovells Jobs
  5. Latham & Watkins LLP Jobs

There are many websites such as and, that advertise Law jobs in America. The foreigner can apply online through these websites.

11# American Tourism sector jobs

The American Tourism sector produces 1.9 trillion in economic output. It also generates 9.5 million American jobs. A Tourism sector is a business that provides goods and services to visitors. There are numerous tourist attractions in America. Some of the most popular tourist spots of the USA are listed here:

  1. Grand Canyon
  2. Niagara Falls
  3. Statue of liberty
  4. Waikiki
  5. Yosemite National Park

The American government facilitates the visitors very well. The four main tourist sectors in the USA include:

  1. Transportation
  2. Accommodation
  3. Food Beverage
  4. Recreation and entertainment

All the above sectors demand numerous workers to work hard. So these American Tourism sectors offer many jobs for international applicants. Some designated jobs include:

  • Tourism sales director
  • Tour guide position
  • Hospitality and Tourism reporter
  • Director development
  • Tourism coordinator I

The average estimated salary of workers in the Tourism sector is $80,089 per year. The salary of workers charged with designations in the American Tourism sector. Some salaries of workers are the following:

The estimated salary of director development is $61,337 per year. A customer service clerk takes $17.30 per hour in America. A social Media Coordinator earns $21.49 per hour in America.

12# American 5 Star Hotels jobs

American five-star hotels give every facility to their customers. So they maintain the hotel very neat and clean. The luxurious hotels demand a team of workers to manage the whole system of the Hotel. These US hotels offer many jobs for international applicants. Some designations accord to work in 5-star hotels are listed below:

  • Hotel Assistant Manager
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry Attendant
  • Dishwashers
  • Food Runner
  • Area Reservation Coordinator

The average salary of workers in 5-star hotels is $20 per hour in America. The salary range is started from $16 per hour to $26 per hour in America. The value of the salary of the worker depends upon designation. Some salaries of workers at American Hotels are the following:

The average salary of an Assistant General Manager is $48,000 per year in America. A Laundry Attendant takes $13.87 per hour in America. The salary of Food Runner is from $17,030 to $32,920 per year in American 5-star hotels.

The top-rated American five-star hotels that include hiring staff on the go are:

  1. Refinery Hotel Jobs
  2. Marriot US Jobs
  3. Lowell Jobs
  4. Accor Hotel US Jobs
  5. Four seasons US hotel jobs
  6. Auberge du Soleil
  7. The Little Nell
  8. Hotel Emma Jobs

`13# USA Modeling Industry jobs

It is good news for those international applicants who want a job in the modeling industry in America. The fashion sector of the US demands new faces to promote modeling. So it offers a large number of jobs to foreigners working in the American modeling industry.

These modeling agencies provide many opportunities for international applicants. Some designations required in the USA Modeling industry include

  • Data Modeling Architect
  • Modeling and Simulation Analyst
  • Data Modeling Analyst
  • Mechanical Simulation Engineer
  • Risk Modeling

The average estimate of a worker in the Modeling industry is $125,457 per year. Some designations with salaries are listed here

Modeling and Simulation Analyst earns $117,843 per year. Mechanical Simulation Engineer takes $110,000 per year. The estimated salary of Software Simulation is almost $147,390 per year in America.

Some top USA modeling companies hiring staff; working in the US are the following:

  1. Ford Models Jobs
  2. IMG Models Jobs
  3. Kim Alley Jobs
  4. Look Modeling Agency Careers
  5. Mary Therese Fried Jobs

All the advertisements for American Modeling jobs are listed at The applicants can apply online through this website.

14# American TV Channel jobs

There are more than 2000 TV channels in the USA. These channels show news, movies, reality shows, serials as well as debate show to the people. These channels hire many people for their production. USA TV channels offer many jobs for international applicants. Some jobs in USA TV channels include:

  • Programming channels Editor
  • Coordinator
  • Producer
  • Sr DevOps Engineer
  • Ad Ops specialist

The salary of every worker is different on USA TV channels. The average estimated salary of a USA TV channel worker is $49,204 per year. Some salaries for different designations are following

The estimated salary of a coordinator in the USA TV channel is from $27,190 to $73,270 per year. A Producer earns almost $50,625 per year on TV channels in America. A news Anchor takes $45,810 per year on USA TV channels.

Some top USA TV channels that keep hiring staff are the following:

  1. CBS Jobs
  2. BBC Careers
  3. NBC Jobs
  4. ABC Jobs
  5. Fox Jobs
  6. CNN Jobs

All jobs on American TV channels are available on the website International applicants can apply online for TV channel jobs through this website.

15# American Clerical jobs

The USA is the one largest country in the world. It demands many administrators to manage it in different sectors. Many companies working in America require clerical staff.

These companies or Institutes demand many Clerical jobs for In applicants. Some Clerical designations required in these sectors include

  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Transportation Clerk
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Courier/Mail Clerk
  • General Storeroom Clerk

The average salary of a Clerk in the USA is $15.29 per hour. As different designations of Clerks exist in distinct companies or institutes of America. So they take various salary packages. Some salaries of clerks are following

A Data Entry Clerk takes $18.14 per hour in the USA. The estimated salary of a Transportation Clerk is $18.41 per hour. A Linen Clerk earns $31,890 per year in America.

Some major companies or institutes hiring staff in the USA are listed below:

  1. Stoneway Electric Supply Company
  2. Vanderbilt University Medical Centre
  3. Chubb INA Holding Inc.
  4. Indeglia Lutrario Attorneys at Law
  5. SoCo Tax & Cloud Accounting

All jobs of Clerks are available on the website International applicants can apply for these jobs online.

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