MINI MART Hiring Jobs In Singapore 2022

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  • MINI MART Hiring Jobs In Singapore 2022
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MINI MART Hiring Jobs In Singapore 2022

Are you interested in working in a mini-mart? If so, read on for some of the duties and responsibilities of a POS cashier at a mini-mart. What are the hours you’ll be required to work at one? And which positions require the most training? Here are some examples of the types of jobs available at mini-marts in Singapore.

MINI MART Hiring Jobs In Singapore 2022MINI MART Hiring Jobs In Singapore 2022

POS cashier duties

There are several duties for a MINI MART POS cashier. They have to handle payments, monitor expiration dates of products and perform systematic stock checks. Their job requires punctuality and strong customer service skills. Minimart POS training should prepare them to handle the different scenarios that they will face on the job. Training sessions should be interactive and address real-world scenarios. The training must address fraud prevention and detection, as businesses will eventually encounter these issues.

The POS cashier role plays a pivotal role in the customer’s experience in a store. Cashiers play a vital role in customer retention, as they create a positive impression on a customer and encourage them to come back to the store. POS cashiers must also be adept in preventing fraud and other crimes. They can catch fraudulent situations by checking IDs and matching signatures on credit cards.


Job descriptions vary, so it’s essential to check out a variety of positions before making your final decision. For example, you can work as a cashier in a supermarket. These positions are typically more demanding. Cashiers are expected to know and understand the different products and pricing policies, as well as their prices and sizes. They are also responsible for overseeing customer service quality and sales. A minimum of 40 hours of training is recommended for new employees.

POS cashier responsibilities at a mini-mart

The most important POS cashier responsibilities at a miniature-mart are customer service and cashier responsibilities. Customers expect a friendly and efficient service. Dealing with rude customers can be tricky, especially during special discount periods and holidays. To avoid any tense situations, a new cashier should take notes during training and shadow experienced employees. A new employee should keep a binder of notes, including store rules, customer service guidelines, and POS tutorial videos.

POS cashier responsibilities at a micro-mart revolve around keeping track of customer transactions. The register calculates sales and prices, while the connected device scans a bar code on a product. It can double check the price and inventory levels, while a credit card reader lets customers pay securely while in-store. Point-of-sale software is like a command center for a cashier, making it easy to ring up sales and manage customer information. POS software also includes inventory management and customer engagement software. After each sale, the system routes funds to the bank account.


A POS cashier is required to know basic math, be able to troubleshoot minor issues, and have excellent customer service skills. These cashier responsibilities include welcoming customers, assisting them with any questions they have, registering sales and totaling purchases, making change for cash customers, maintaining the register, and following the procedures of the store. As a cashier, you must also have a positive attitude and a willingness to help customers.

Hours of work at a mini-mart

The future of work in Singapore is fast-paced and ever-changing. Whether you are a high school graduate looking to start a career or an experienced employee looking for a change, Singapore’s job market is highly competitive. A recent survey by Mercer revealed that Singapore is in an extraordinary tight labor market, making it more difficult for companies to find talent in foreign countries. Although official data suggests that Singapore has not suffered from the Great Resignation, the reality is probably more complicated. While turnover rates may vary, many industries are experiencing a high demand for talent in tech and life sciences.

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