Canadian Government Job Vacancies for International Applicants 2023

Canadian Government Job Vacancies for International Applicants 2023

Canadian Government Job Vacancies for International Applicants 2023



Canadian Government Job Vacancies for International Applicants 2023

International applicants, students, researchers, skilled workers, and experienced professionals can now apply for Canadian Government Jobs and settle in Canada forever. Canadian Jobs are available in various departments and the high commission of Canada is offering Canadian Express Entry VISA’s for that.

A large number of Canadian Government Jobs for the 2023 recruitment cycle are announced. International applicants can also apply for jobs in Canada. Canadian State Jobs starting salary is from CAD$25000 with various allowances and residential facilities. The qualification required for state jobs in Canada starts from a high school certificate, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, Doctoral degree, diploma certs, or experience in the field. Anyone can apply for Jobs in Canada and it is very easy to get a Canadian Residence permit by following the Canadian immigration requirements.

Receiving a job offer from the Canadian government is a splendid chance to boost the weight-age of your resume by working with the foreign administrative team. Candidates can apply for the positions offered by the Canadian government without having to pay the application fee.

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Renemuration Package Offered by Canadian Jobs

Jobs in Canada are very highly paid and for that reason, we are going to enlist some of the salary package range ones can expect from the Canadian State Jobs:

  • The Canadian Government offers a maximum of $360k Salary
  • Residential allowance or apartment/house
  • Utilities subsidized or completely waived off
  • Health insurance, and medical cover plan for employes
  • Yearly bonus, retirement plan, golden shake-offs, and much more.

Canada Government Jobs Application Method:

It’s challenging to find a Canadian job with great benefits in the Canadian market. But appropriate guidelines can help someone go a long way. The following steps would help you to find Canadian Government Jobs and apply for these opportunities in time:

  1. Registration on the Government of Canada Employment page (link available at end of page)
  2. Select the right job domain based on your academic background.
  3. Keep on checking the account daily.
  4. Contact people you know who work for the government to get information.
  5. Apply for the job you are interested in.
  6. After applying for the job keep a track of your applications.
  7. After applying for the job, take a language test.
  8. Check your account for the final updates

Vacancies in Departments of Government of Canada for 2023

Following jobs are offered by the Canadian government each year to fresh graduates, new immigrants, skilled workers, and students:

1# Canada Government Transport Jobs

The Government of Canada has a very large transportation system that has been set up for a very long time. The Canadian Government has taken and still takes safe steps to protect the safety and security of the travelers traveling through trains, buses, metros, airplanes, etc. that’s what the role of the Canadian transportation sector is. Keeping in mind the efficient work of the transport sector, there are several job opportunities available.

  • Role of Refuel-er for Aircraft

People planning to opt for the Refuel-er job role are assigned the task to fill the fuel tanks of planes, helicopters, and jets. It’s a ground-based opportunity as the role is performed in the airport. Anyone planning to go for this job opportunity must have expertise in it based on his/her academic background. Special training is also provided to avoid any sort of technicalities.

It’s a physically tough job as the refueler has to work in all types of weather conditions. Based on the type of work, the yearly salary of an aircraft re-fueler is C$ 36,000. But based on a person’s long-term experience, the salary may rise to C$ 46,800.

  • Bus Driver Jobs

A bus driver’s responsibility is to pick up and drop off passengers at predetermined destinations. When they are on duty, they adhere to a set schedule. They have the responsibility of helping disabled people board the bus. The interested candidates will get a chance to become bus drivers in the government departments. The applicants must have a professional heavy vehicle license to avail this opportunity. The average yearly salary of a bus driver is $39,896 per year or $20.46 per hour.

  • Government Drivers Jobs

Transporting goods or people safely from one place to another is the primary duty of a driver. They must adhere to traffic regulations and plan their route properly, and they must always have enough gas in the tank to get where they’re going. To apply for this role, the applicant needs to have a driving license and experience in driving. The average salary of a driver in Canada is $30,625 per year or $15.71 per hour.

  • Canadian Truck driver jobs

Truck Drivers pick up materials and items, double-check their loads, and then deliver them as directed. Cargo is loaded and unloaded. Basic vehicle maintenance is the responsibility of truck drivers, and they are always required to follow all safety procedures. Anyone applying for this role must have a heavy vehicle license. The average salary of a truck driver in Canada is $49,718 CAD per year or $25.50 per hour.

  • Heavy Machinery Driving Jobs

An operator of heavy machinery, such as bulldozers, forklifts, backhoes, dump trucks, cargo trucks, and hydraulic truck cranes, operates or controls the machinery. They run these machinery to help build bridges, roads, and buildings, among other structures.

  • Crane Operators Jobs

Crane operators operate lifting equipment. They safely remove loads by hoisting and using cranes to lift them. They erect and fix machinery. Lever and pedal control expertise, driving cranes to the job site, setting up the manufacturer’s operator’s manual, daily safety inspections of the crane, and operating the crane under general supervision are all duties of the crane operator. The average yearly salary of a crane operator in Canada is $51,768 per year or $26.55 per hour.

  • Excavator Operator Jobs

Excavator operators sit inside the vehicles and use the levers to use various tools and machinery, such as a sizable drill, for example. excavators can be employed in a wide range of circumstances and for a wide range of tasks, such as trench-digging and handling of materials. The average yearly salary of excavator operators in Canada is $54,542 per year or $27.97 per hour.

  • Farming Vehicle Operator Jobs

Farm operators need to be skilled at managing finances in addition to cultivating crops and rearing animals. They oversee handling finances, operating farm machinery, performing maintenance, and coming up with business plans to extend the business. Interested candidates must have an academic background in horticulture or related fields. The average yearly salary of excavator operators in Canada is between $21,860 – $47,890.

  • Train driver Jobs

As a Train driver, one must know how to operate diesel or electric trains, to transport passengers and goods at high speed. the interested candidate must drive safely and smoothly and follow rules for starting and stopping trains. An applicant also needs to know a lot about the routes and understand how track conditions can affect train performance. The interested candidate must have experience in driving the train. The average yearly salary of a train driver in Canada is $40,775.

2# Canadian Government Healthcare Jobs

Anyone who plans to serve in the Canadian Health sector will get a chance to work with highly experienced and qualified medical officials. Along with that, the serving medical officer will get medical insurance for himself and his family. The serving officer will also get prescription drug coverage, hospitalization, and a vision treatment facility. A few medical-related job designations are listed below.

  • Nursing jobs

It’s known that the nursing profession does not require too much workload, but they still enjoy a very good pay rate when it comes to discussing the salary range of nursing in the Canadian market. A large number of nursing jobs are posted on advertisement platforms regularly. Today, nurses have excellent career options, work-life balance, and job satisfaction. These factors constantly place nursing as one of the greatest healthcare professions in the country. The average Canadian nurse’s salary in Canada is $68,255 per year or $35 per hour.

  • Doctors Jobs

One of the best-paying professions in the world is medicine. The government sector offers several benefits to doctors, including great pay and retirement benefits. The revenue is more reliable. Additionally, it provides a medical worker with more freedom to serve a larger spectrum of patients and conduct research. The average yearly salary of Canadian doctors ranges from $83,379.37 to $414,389.70 in Canada.

  • Surgeons Jobs

Surgeons deal with patients’ bodies. The different types of surgeons include vascular, dental, and neurological surgeons. It is one of Canada’s highest-paying jobs. Surgeons not only assist their patients, but they also assist other aspiring medical professionals.

Educating patients and students about medicine is advantageous for many medical professionals, and they can also enhance the medical profession by conducting research and working with other medical professionals. The average yearly salary of a surgeon in Canada is$487,000.

  • Psychologists Jobs

It is impossible to exaggerate the value of psychologists and other mental health professionals. Depending on a person’s preferences, a career in psychology may lead outside of private practice and into the public health system. The ability to regularly assist people by identifying and treating emotional and psychological illnesses is one of the biggest advantages of being a psychologist. The average salary of a psychologist in Canada is$80,370 with an hourly wage of $38.64.

3# Canadian Media/Channels Jobs

Working in the media involves managing platforms that disseminate pertinent information to interested people. Local news anchors, Hollywood film directors, and all other types of media professionals work in the industry. They all share the ability to enlighten the public of knowledge. There are several job posts in the Canadian Media Sector.

  • Media Analyst Jobs

It is a part of the media analyst’s work to plan strategies to market a brand’s goods or services, identify SEO keywords, keep an eye on social media, analyze data, write reports, and use marketing data to connect with a target audience.

Expansion of social media and analytical abilities, updates on new social media trends, professional expertise, engagement with a variety of people, and career advancement are all advantages of working as a media analyst. The average hourly salary of a media analyst ranges from $23.29 – $26.90.

  • Information Coordinator Jobs

The role of the Information coordinator includes spotting media potential in developing issues, creating content for distribution via television, print, and online, engaging in competitive negotiations with media outlets to seal deals, and making sure that essential messaging corresponds with the media house’s strategy. The average hourly salary of an information coordinator is$33.05 – $38.37.

  • Digital Communication Officer Jobs

The media group’s internal and external communications are under the control of the Digital Communications Officer, who also helps with offline and online marketing campaigns and develops and implements digital content. The average yearly salary of a digital communication officer is$67,241 – $72,660.

  • News Anchor Jobs

A new anchor will collaborate directly with reporters as a news anchor and will be in charge of obtaining information, airing newscasts every day, and conducting guest interviews. In the end, he/she should be able to keep up with current affairs and deliver news to audiences in a way that is impartial, fascinating, and educational. The average yearly salary of a news anchor is C$70496.

  • Technician Jobs

The strength and quality of the sights and sounds we see on television and hear on the radio are controlled by broadcast technicians, also known as broadcast engineers, using specialized equipment. They run the transmitters that radio and television programs are broadcasted from, both in studios and in remote places. In order to record and transmit live and recorded radio and television programs as well as to create audio and video streaming broadcasts for the Internet, technicians set up, test, operate, and repair electronic equipment. The average yearly salary of a broadcast technician is $60,052.

  • News Correspondent Jobs

Reporters are sometimes referred to as correspondents since they investigate, compile, and update the public about news stories. They visit areas and follow significant developments as they happen in order to locate, confirm, and report on happenings.

In simple words, when reporting from a remote, frequently far-off area, a correspondent or on-the-scene reporter is typically a journalist or commentator for a magazine or an agent who contributes reports to a newspaper, radio, television news, or another type of firm. The average yearly salary of a news correspondent is $44534.

  • Documentary filmmaker Jobs

A film director or producer is often referred to as a “documentary filmmaker.” They are the ones in charge of putting together a cast and/or crew and “shooting” the scenes in order to turn a film project’s concept into a final product, whether it be a movie, advertisement, or instructional video.

A competent filmmaker is both a storyteller and a journalist, but only in the sense that it’s their primary motivation to share a meaningful tale about a genuine struggle. To apply for this role one must have an academic background in media studies or filmmaking. The average yearly salary of a documentary filmmaker is $239,822.

4# Canadian Government Banking Sector Jobs

Many earning domains, including marketing, finance, sales, IT, and consulting, have a significant demand for account managers. To succeed as an account manager, you must have the ability to build trustworthy partnerships with your clients. The Hiring employers in the Canadian Government search for applicants who have the skills to develop excellent client relationships through their strategies. The average yearly salary of a Canadian Account manager is $75,872.

  • Accountant Jobs

Accounting professionals control the budgeting, income, and expenses. They have strong financial skills. There are various specializations within the accounting fields of auditing, taxation, payroll, and others which they deal in. A professional chartered accountant degree is required for such a position.

Accountants must be qualified to serve as bank financial managers since they typically have a thorough understanding of the industry’s best practices. A person with accounting experience can evaluate the bank’s financial records and create financial statements while functioning as a financial manager. The average yearly salary of an accountant is $53, 302.

  • Business Development Manager Jobs

Attracting new clients and customers is the responsibility of business development managers, who also support salespeople in closing multiple agreements. Business development managers are essential to an organization’s success. These experts create fresh sales leads, bargain with clients over pricing, and project sales revenue, all in support of one of the most significant business development manager duties: assisting businesses in maximizing their profitability. The average salary of a Canadian BDM is $69,872.

5# Canadian Army Jobs

The Canadian Government has several vacancies in the army. Interested candidates can apply to become a part of the defense sector.

  • Captain Jobs

One of the highest-paid job titles in the military is normally the rank of captain. Captains oversee leading and controlling squads of 100 or 200 soldiers while they carry out the defense responsibilities given to them by the higher authorities. The average yearly salary of a Canadian captain is $75,888.

  • Armed Officer Jobs

As the serving period of an officer increases, their ranks can also rise based on their service. From the minute an individual put on the uniform, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) starts offering several perks which mainly include competitive salaries and top-notch benefits packages, health, dentistry, and vision insurance as well as four to six weeks of paid vacation each year, excellent pension schemes, and training courses. The average yearly salary of an army officer is $78,384.

  • Military Intelligence Officer Jobs

For top military leaders, government officials, and policymakers, military intelligence experts supervise and direct the collection, development, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence data. The gathering and dissemination of intelligence information during missions help to define targets and give situational awareness. As a result, military personnel is better equipped to comprehend the situation and the details of their responsibilities.

As an Army Military Intelligence Officer, the appointed candidate will be responsible for all the data collected during army missions. The hired employee commands and coordinates military intelligence soldiers and combined armed forces, assess risks and acts to neutralize intelligence threats. The average yearly salary of a military intelligence officer is $74,066.

  • Armour Officer Jobs

Tank and cavalry actions on the battlefield are under the control of Armour officers. An Armour officer’s responsibilities include leading others in many different aspects of combat operations as well as operations related to the Armour branch. The average yearly salary of an Armour officer is $88,080.

  • Information Systems Technician Jobs

Many electronic hardware and software components are operated, programmed, and configured by information systems technicians. IST is frequently required to investigate, diagnose, and fix issues with end-users.

To independently install, maintain, and troubleshoot PC hardware and software as well as to address the majority of user and system issues, this position requires a thorough understanding of PC hardware, peripherals, devices, and software applications. These Canadian positions are located at decentralized sites or in a special information support center. The average yearly salary of an information systems technician is $78,153.

 6# Jobs in Canadian Ministries

Getting a ministry job is a great opportunity to enhance and bring an economic hike. Working with the ministry has several perks, such as the entrepreneurial nature of the job, a sense of community, no strict desk job, a margin of learning a lot, and many more benefits.

If one has an interest in working in the Canadian ministry, then the candidate can apply for the role ofrural community engagement specialist, data management and donor care, accountant, communications coordinator, director of corporate services, facilities team lead, campus ministry associate (women’s ministry), associate pastor/ministries director, etc. The average yearly salary in the Canadian ministry is CAD$59544.

7# Canadian Police jobs

The main responsibility of the police is to maintain peace within a community. Keeping Canadians safe and upholding the law are the police’s two primary duties in this country. Candidates willing to join the police must complete a 3 to 6 months training program organized by the Canadian police. The average yearly salary of a police officer is $88,000.

Anyone interested in becoming a part of the Canadian police can apply for the jobs listed below:

  • Analyst of public policy jobs

Since it is their responsibility to assess laws and determine whether the government is carrying out its policies, policy analysts hold one of the most significant positions in the government. The work includes gathering information and doing research, interacting with stakeholders, assessing the effects of current and prospective policies, and producing reports. Typically, policy analysts need a degree in political science or some related field. The average yearly salary of a public policy analyst is$ $69,635.

8# Firefighter Jobs in Canada

Fires are not the only thing a firefighter deals with. A firefighter assists with hazardous materials, traffic accidents, medical emergencies, floods, and even saves cats from trees in addition to putting out fires and rescuing people from harm.

To become a government-based firefighter, the applicant must first complete a per-service college program before beginning supervised practical training to become a firefighter. The candidate must have prior voluntary experience as a fireman to be hired in the field. A need that must be met is having outstanding physical condition. The average yearly salary of a firefighter in Canada is $79,000.

9# Attorney Jobs at the Canadian Government

An attorney at law also referred to as a trial lawyer advises and defends their clients’ legal rights in both civil and criminal trials. Attorneys are required to carry out a variety of activities depending on whom they are defending. They might offer customers per-trial legal advice, develop law pleadings and legal documents, and appear in court to represent clients during trials. The average yearly salary of an attorney is $57,812.

  • Attorney at law for patents Jobs

A patent attorney helps clients secure patents, so they can possess creative products. A patent attorney crafts documents outlining the goods their client wants to patent, files patent applications with the appropriate authorities, and checks proposed patents for their clients to make sure they are distinct from those that currently exist. The average yearly salary of an attorney at law for patents is $58,680.

10# Telecommunication Jobs in Canada

The control of how computer systems, communication channels, and devices interact falls within the domain of telecommunications specialists. Additionally, interested candidates can take part in the setup and operation of these systems, including fixing and testing them. There are new job opportunities in the Canadian telecom sector.

  • Customer Project Manager Jobs

A customer project manager’s responsibility is to work with clients to produce a project plan that includes the project’s scope, release schedule, milestones, deliverables, and other elements. Manage efficient project delivery and implementation to guarantee client satisfaction. Control project operations to achieve corporate objectives. The average yearly salary of a Customer Project Manager is $58,680.

  • Optical Transport planning expert Jobs

Optical Transport planning experts manage the detailed knowledge of network architecture and flow for 2G, 3G, and 4G. For the rollout of 2G, 3G, and 4G, planning for expansion on the optical layer is carried out in this type of job post. Corporate customers are kept in mind while planning for expansion on the optical layer. The average yearly salary of an Optical Transport planning expert is $74,574.

Government of Canada Job Offerings With Salaries in 2023:

Following is the complete verified list of salaries offered by the Canadian Government to their employees:

  1. Canada Procurement Officer Salary Range: C$38k – C$65k, Average Salary: C$50,585
  2. Canada Sales Associate, Salary Range: C$3K – C$7K, Average Salary: C$4,258
  3. Canada Gymnastics Coach Salary Range: C$3K- C$4K, Average Salary: C$3,390
  4. Canada Administrative / Office Manager Salary Range: C$39k – C$83k, Average Salary: C$55,937
  5. Canada Pharmacologist Salary Range: C$50k – C$104k, Average Salary: C$73,435
  6. Canada Computer / Network Support Technician Salary Range: C$49k – C$86k, Average Salary: C$64,510
  7. Canada Departmental Project Manager Salary Range: C$62k – C$123k, Average Salary: C$86,893
  8. Canada Software Engineer Salary Range: C$85k – C$145k, Average Salary: C$110,889
  9. Canada Water Resources Engineer Salary Range: C$6K- C$10K, Average Salary: C$7,794
  10. Canada Criminal Defence Lawyer Salary Range: C$65k – C$175k, Average Salary: C$102,041
  11. Canada Senior Solutions Architect Salary Range: C$83k – C$139k, Average Salary: C$107,668
  12. Canada Energy Specialist Salary Range: CAD$5K- CAD$12K, Average Salary: C$7,279
  13. Canada Programmer Analyst Salary Range: C$76k – C$113k, Average Salary: C$91,481
  14. Canada Customer Service Agent Salary Range: C$40k – C$71k, Average Salary: C$53,435
  15. Canada Pension Administrator Salary Range: C$44k – C$68k, Average Salary: C$56,351
  16. Canada Communications Coordinator Salary Range: C$48k – C$74k, Average Salary: C$59,870
  17. Canada Programmer or Developer Salary Range: C$47k – C$83k, Average Salary: C$62,963
  18. Canada Forestry Technician Salary Range: C$3K- C$5K, Average Salary: C$4,231
  19. Canada Deputy Director Salary Range: C$9K – C$14K, Average Salary: C$11,427
  20. Canada Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst Salary Range: C$53k – C$75k, Average Salary: C$63,668
  21. Canada International Program Specialist Salary Range: C$5K- C$7K, Average Salary: C$5,629
  22. Canada Financial Advisor Salary Range: C$47k – C$91k, Average Salary: C$65,175
  23. Canada Detective or Criminal Investigator Salary Range: C$63k – C$113k, Average Salary: C$86,642
  24. Canada Executive Assistant Salary Range: C$4K- C$6K, Average Salary: C$5,269
  25. Canada Civil Servant Salary Range: C$5K – C$12K, Average Salary: C$7,066
  26. Canada Senior Research Scientist Salary Range: C$116k – C$172k, Average Salary: C$140,851
  27. Canada Interns Salary Range: C$4K – C$6K, Average Salary: C$4,571
  28. Canada UX Researcher Salary Range: C$52k – C$95k, Average Salary: C$71,107
  29. Canada Geographic (GIS) Specialist Salary Range: C$58k – C$95k, Average Salary: C$74,000
  30. Canada Cyber Security Analyst Salary Range: C$5K- C$9K, Average Salary: C$6,965
  31. Canada Director of Finance Salary Range: C$10K- C$28K, Average Salary: C$15,642
  32. Canada Computer Systems Analyst Salary Range: C$53k – C$81k, Average Salary: C$65,993
  33. Canada Doctor Salary Range: C$10K – C$18K, Average Salary: C$13,328
  34. Canada Marketing Manager Salary Range: C$8K- C$15K, Average Salary: C$10,127
  35. Canada Procurement Officer Salary Range: C$5K- C$8K, Average Salary: C$6,292
  36. Canada Senior Procurement Manager Salary Range: C$70k – C$110k, Average Salary: C$88,482
  37. Canada Compliance Analyst Salary Range: C$66k – C$97k, Average Salary: C$80,816
  38. Canada Senior Network Administrator, IT Salary Range: C$68k – C$103k, Average Salary: C$84,123
  39. Canada Testing and Commissioning Engineer Salary Range: C$7K- C$10K, Average Salary: C$8,336
  40. Canada Program Manager (Engineering) Salary Range: C$85k – C$166k, Average Salary: C$118,666
  41. Canada Director Salary Range: C$10K – C$19K, Average Salary: C$13,759
  42. Canadian Public Relations Specialist Salary Range: C$4K- C$7K, Average Salary: C$5,661
  43. Canada Database Administrator Salary Range: C$6K- C$9K, Average Salary: C$7,034
  44. Canada Case Manager Salary Range: C$53k – C$97k, Average Salary: C$69,237
  45. Canada Senior Program Officer Salary Range: C$57k – C$99k, Average Salary: C$75,181
  46. Canada Administrative Officer Salary Range: C$39k – C$70k, Average Salary: C$52,258
  47. Canada Senior Economist Salary Range: C$94k – C$165k, Average Salary: C$121,353
  48. Canada Paralegal Salary Range: C$57k – C$101k, Average Salary: C$75,828
  49. Canada Sr Commercial Officer/manager Salary Range: C$7K- C$12K, Average Salary: C$9,424
  50. Canada Systems Engineer Salary Range: C$7K – C$10K, Average Salary: C$8,530
  51. Canada Program Manager Salary Range: C$44k – C$86k, Average Salary: C$61,569
  52. Canada Help Desk Analyst Salary Range: C$4K- C$7K, Average Salary: C$5,314
  53. Canada Technical Services Manager Salary Range: C$56k – C$142k, Average Salary: C$85,298
  54. Canada Research Scientist Salary Range: C$53k – C$98k, Average Salary: C$73,467
  55. Canada Policy Analyst Salary Range: C$49k – C$92k, Average Salary: C$68,025
  56. Canada Service Administrator Salary Range: C$3K- C$5K, Average Salary: C$4,125
  57. Canada Internal Auditing Manager Salary Range: C$69k – C$131k, Average Salary: C$102,635
  58. Canada Police Detective Salary Range: C$61k – C$118k, Average Salary: C$87,869
  59. Canada Human Resource Advisor Salary Range: C$61k – C$105k, Average Salary: C$80,800
  60. Canada Construction Manager Salary Range: C$7K – C$11K, Average Salary: C$9,103
  61. Canada Government Product Manager Salary Range: C$9K-C$16K, Average Salary: C$11,406
  62. Canada Project Coordinator (IT) Salary Range: C$52k – C$87k, Average Salary: C$67,185
  63. Canada Contract Specialist Salary Range: C$6K – C$8K, Average Salary: C$6,804
  64. Canada Marine Biologist Salary Range: C$39k – C$58k, Average Salary: C$48,051
  65. Canada Economist Salary Range: C$43k – C$73k, Average Salary: C$57,587
  66. Canada Head of Communications Salary Range: C$7K – C$12K, Average Salary: C$9,232
  67. Canada Intelligence Officer Salary Range: C$65k – C$114k, Average Salary: C$86,560
  68. Canada Communication Manager Salary Range: C$7K – C$10K, Average Salary: C$8,308
  69. Canada Government Recruiter Salary Range: C$4K – C$9K, Average Salary: C$5,923
  70. Canada Structural Engineer Salary Range: C$77k – C$136k, Average Salary: C$103,091
  71. Canada Trade Commissioner Assistant Salary Range: C$4K – C$9K, Average Salary: C$5,853
  72. Canada Instructional Designer Salary Range: C$64k – C$97k, Average Salary: C$78,550
  73. Canada Senior Project Manager, IT Salary Range: C$108k – C$169k, Average Salary: C$133,943
  74. Canada Operations Manager Salary Range: C$6K – C$13K, Average Salary: C$8,709
  75. Canada Financial Analyst Salary Range: C$60k – C$97k, Average Salary: C$76,248
  76. Canada Policy Officer Salary Range: C$49k – C$90k, Average Salary: C$66,349
  77. Canada Administrative Assistant Salary Range: C$36k – C$58k, Average Salary: C$47,582
  78. Canada Project Manager Officer Salary Range: C$61k – C$146k, Average Salary: C$86,731
  79. Canada Technical Advisor Salary Range: C$70k – C$136k, Average Salary: C$97,556
  80. Canada Business Development Assistant Salary Range: C$4K- C$9K, Average Salary: C$5,914
  81. Canada Government Writer Salary Range: C$4K – C$7K, Average Salary: C$5,700
  82. Canada Social Media Specialist Salary Range: C$42k – C$75k, Average Salary: C$57,368
  83. Canada Customer Service Representative (CSR) Salary Range: C$33k – C$59k, Average Salary: C$44,412
  84. Canada Security Officer Salary Range: C$40k – C$104k, Average Salary: C$63,753
  85. Canada Office Administrator Salary Range: C$41k – C$65k, Average Salary: C$51,633
  86. Canada Consultant Salary Range: C$7K – C$11K, Average Salary: C$8,561
  87. Canada Lead UX Designer Salary Range: C$74k – C$137k, Average Salary: C$102,084
  88. Canada Engineering Program Manager Salary Range: C$10K – C$24K, Average Salary: C$14,593
  89. Canada Budget Analyst Salary Range: C$5K – C$7K, Average Salary: C$5,976
  90. Canada Senior Account Manager Salary Range: C$49k – C$113k, Average Salary: C$71,612
  91. Canada Policy Advisor Salary Range: C$46k – C$81k, Average Salary: C$62,699
  92. Canada Intelligence Analyst Salary Range: C$51k – C$84k, Average Salary: C$65,801
  93. Canada Payment Services Officer Salary Range: C$3K – C$5K, Average Salary: C$4,192
  94. Canada Correctional Officer / Jailer Salary Range: C$37k – C$71k, Average Salary: C$58,028
  95. Canada Exercise Physiologist Salary Range: C$5K- C$7K, Average Salary: C$5,965
  96. Canada Senior Policy Advisor Salary Range: C$71k – C$123k, Average Salary: C$90,786
  97. Canada Project Coordinator (General) Salary Range: C$45k – C$77k, Average Salary: C$59,246
  98. Canada Program Assistant at Foreign Ministry Salary Range: C$4K- C$7K, Average Salary: C$5,318
  99. Canada Gov Department Program Assistant Salary Range: C$3K – C$5K, Average Salary: C$3,788
  100. Canada Environmental Scientist Salary Range: C$71k – C$129k, Average Salary: C$99,422
  101. Canada Research Analyst Salary Range: C$47k – C$75k, Average Salary: C$59,889
  102. Canada Web Developer Salary Range: C$54k – C$99k, Average Salary: C$75,050

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